The San Diego Education Consortium was founded in 2008 by representatives of area colleges and universities to promote higher education in San Diego.


The name of this organization shall be the San Diego Education Consortium. The usage of this name will at all times refer to the collective body of current member schools, as defined in Article III. No person or persons may use this name to promote their institution at the exclusion of other consortium members.


The San Diego Education Consortium is a not-for-profit consortium of accredited colleges and universities in the greater San Diego area working to promote higher education to the general public and private organizations.

Mission of the San Diego Education Consortium:

A. To inform students, current or prospective, and their employers about the various educational programs and degrees available in San Diego.

B. To serve as an unbiased collective resource for educational options through a website.

This website will be designed to function as an all-purpose educational resource for the San Diego region. Features of the website may include but are not limited to:

1. Identifying consortium member colleges and universities in the area

2. Explaining the various accreditations held by each member institution

3. Facilitating Education Fairs for member schools

4. Raising awareness of educational changes through the posting of articles on higher education

5. Identifying library facilities in the community

6. Providing information on financial aid, scholarship, and military benefits

C. To partner with organizations, as approved by a majority of members, for promoting the consortium to a targeted audience.

D. To establish a dialogue between the education community and the military based in San Diego. As deployment or a transfer is always imminent for members of our Armed Forces, a comprehensive source for researching local schools is essential.

E. To establish a dialogue between the education community and the business community. This dialogue may lead to the development of educational programs that are responsive to the needs of both employers and their employees.

F. To assist organizations in promoting higher education to employees/members through the development of an On-Site Educational Resource Center or by hosting an Education Fair featuring consortium members.

G. To raise awareness of the consortium and its member schools through the media with informative education articles and press releases on consortium activities.

H. To raise awareness of programs and degrees offered by fellow member schools with the potential for referring prospective students.


Because an organizations strength is built upon the hard work, dedication, and resourcefulness of its members to satisfy the purpose and mission of the consortium, it is important to have established and agreed upon standards for such membership.

Qualifications for Membership shall include the following:

A. Members shall consist of regionally accredited colleges and universities with at least one campus located within San Diego County. Members shall also consist of military educational representatives from area bases of the U.S. Armed Forces.

1. Accreditation shall consist of regional accrediting bodies.

2. Universities with online or distance learning programs shall only be entitled to membership if a physical campus is located in the San Diego region.

3. Member schools may have more than one representative attend consortium functions but are only counted as one vote to determine a quorum and thus permitted just one vote.

B. New members must be voted in by a plurality of members present where application is presented before any member privileges are granted.

1. The application process shall consist of the following:

a. College/University outline that includes accreditation, history, local programs offered, and demographics.

b. Member contact information supplied to a consortium secretary and added to the active member roster.

c. Full payment of annual dues

d. Payment for the cost to be added onto the website, as determined in the contract with the webmaster.

C. Membership fees will be $185.00, due annually at the August monthly meeting. For late payments, a $15.00 late fee will be assessed.

1. Dues must be paid in full by the August meeting or active status will be revoked. Any charges incurred because of inactive status, i.e., fees for website changes, etc., must be paid before the next monthly meeting.

2. It is the responsibility of each member to know their membership status.

3. All military educational representatives are granted Due Waiver status but are entitled to full member benefits.

D. Members must be active participants. Active participants shall be defined as attending at least six monthly meetings and an active participant on a committee for one year beginning every July.

1. When it can be determined that a member has not satisfied Active Status requirements at any point during the year, that member will automatically have its membership revoked.

a. Members with revoked status will not be allowed the privileges of membership in the consortium until the next July meeting unless a waiver is granted due to extenuating circumstances.

E. Member schools shall participate in committees that will enable the consortium to work as a team in accomplishing the goals and objectives set forth.

F. Members shall not speak disparagingly of another member school.

Privileges of Membership for members in good standing include the following:

A. All member schools will be named in all information and/or correspondence sent out to the community.

B. Each member school will have basic contact information and respective school website link posted on the consortium website.

C. Invited and welcome at all consortium meetings and events to include education fairs, if so designated by the sponsoring organization.

D. Eligible to vote on all consortium related matters proposed at meetings. May amend by-laws to better serve member schools.

E. To share information regarding school business and educational issues with other members.


Section 1: President

The President shall represent the Consortium in the community in a manner reflecting the rules of the By-Laws. The President shall preside at all general meetings of the Consortium. The President shall be responsible for the current agenda for each meeting and ensure it reflects the mission of the Consortium. The President shall make recommendations to the membership to further the goals of the Consortium as prescribed by the By-Laws. The President shall work to partner with other organizations that complement the mission of the Consortium and its members. The President has the responsibility to fill executive positions vacated during term of office.

Section 2: Vice President

The Vice President shall fulfill the duties of the President when these officers are unable to perform them. The Vice President shall assume duties of the President only at the direct request of the President or from a majority vote of the membership.

Section 3: Secretary

The Secretary shall keep minutes of all monthly meetings for archival purposes. The Secretary shall be responsible for disseminating minutes to each member before the next meeting. Any changes to the minutes discussed at subsequent meetings will be updated accordingly.

Section 4: Treasurer

The Treasurer will monitor and forward all copies of documentation to the President of the San Diego Education Consortium of all financial dealings including membership dues, invoices or receipts for payments of goods and/or services, and will keep records of all transactions. The Treasurer will report monthly Consortium expenditures and balances at meetings. The Treasurer will also make all financial arrangements for meetings, programs and events. The Treasurer will be an ex-officio member of all committees handling finances.

Section 5: Assistant Secretaries and Assistant Treasurers.

Subject to the approval of the Officers and Consortium members, the Secretary and Treasurer may appoint assistants, on a temporary basis, to facilitate Consortium activities in their absence.

Section 6: Membership Chair

The Membership Chairperson shall maintain the membership directory and institution biographies. The Membership Chairperson shall also serve as a mentor to new member schools and/or new member representatives. The Membership Chairperson shall provide information to prospective members on the application process. The Membership Chairperson shall work to recruit and involve other potential members that reflect the rules of the By-Laws.

Section 7: Immediate Past-President

The Immediate Past-President shall perform in an advisory capacity to assist all officers in carrying out their duties and responsibilities.

Section 8: Vacancies

Vacancies of Officers shall be filled immediately, on an interim basis, by one of the other Officers. Members of the Consortium will elect or appoint a permanent replacement at a subsequent meeting.


A. All Officers are to be members in good standing and shall serve a two-year, renewable term beginning every July and ending every June.

B. Officers shall be elected at the June monthly meeting by a plurality of members.

C. All Officer positions expire in June, regardless of when duties were assumed, and may be re-elected without any term limits unless otherwise amended.

D. All Officers shall do their best to uphold the duties of office.

1. While tasks may be delegated to other members, it is the responsibility of the Officer to ensure their duties are fulfilled.


At least 50% of the Consortium members must be present, and agree, by a show of hands, to reach a quorum.


These By-Laws may be amended at any time by a two-thirds majority vote of the membership present at the meeting where proposed amendment is presented.


As required by a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, should the San Diego Education Consortium be dissolved, any remaining assets must be used exclusively for an exempt educational purpose.по imeiмейуапmediadomen.xyztraditional spanish wedding dresses1688юсщьsoberian