Education Events



How can the San Diego Education Consortium help your organization?
The most efficient and effective way to heighten awareness of educational opportunities is to hold an Education Event at your company. At the Education Event, members of the Consortium will provide employees with information from their respective degree granting institutions.

What is an Education Event?
An Education Event convenes representatives from a variety of colleges and universities at a corporate or community location. Each school is provided a table to display brochures, catalogs, and other materials. Employees that are prospective students can then shop the schools to gather information and speak with counselors from the participating institutions about continuing education opportunities that best suit their particular needs.

Where are Education Events held?

Education Fairs are held in company cafeterias, corporate lobbies, or other high traffic areas easily accessible and visible to employees. Fairs are typically held midweek on workdays—Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday— and usually for three hours. (Ex: 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.) Days, times, and the location of your Education Events should be carefully thought out so that it provides maximum benefit to your employees.

What are the benefits of hosting an Education Event?
Hosting an Education Event is a convenient, cost-efficient way for your organization to demonstrate its commitment to the training and education of its employees. Instead of inviting individual schools to make presentations to employees on different dates throughout the year, hosting an Education Event improves productivity by saving your organization time and effort.

What are the steps to setting up an Education Event?
The host organization decides the date and provides the venue, tables, and chairs for each school. The Consortium does the rest. We contact and invite all of the schools, provide a coordinator to work as a liaison with the host organization and assist you the host in the preparation of fliers or other publicity materials for the internal promotion of the event.

Educational Resource Center
After the Education Event is an ideal time for your organization to collect flyers and catalogs from participating schools to store on-site as an Educational Resource Center to better serve employees throughout the year. This Educational Resource Center can be a designated shelf and bulletin board displaying programs of schools approved by your organization that can be freely accessed without interfering with the duties of the human resources or training department.

Further benefits include:
• NO charge for the sponsoring organization
• NO cost to invite schools
• NO cost for catalogs and materials distributed to employees


Please contact your consortium representative to begin setting up an Education Event designed to meet the needs of your organization.

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