How to schedule an education event

Education Event Scheduling Request

Please complete and return to your Consortium contact

  • Full Name:*
  • Title:
  • Phone:*
  • Email:*
  • Day and Date of Education Fair:
  • Set-up time, Ed Fair time, breakdown time:
  • Address of Organization:
  • Number of Employees at facility:
  • Expected turnout for Ed Fair:
  • Anticipated internal publicity
    (intranet emails, flyers, posters, area mtg. announcements, pay stub stuffers):
  • Industry of organization (type of business):
  • Type of schools or education/training programs desired:
  • Specific schools requested:
  • Maximum number of schools Ed Fair site can accommodate:
  • Education benefits of organization:
  • Tuition assistance per year, if an:
  • Tenure with organization req’d to receive tuition reimbursement:
  • Specific requirements to pursue a degree:
  • Other restrictions or qualifications mandated by organization:
  • Site specifications where Ed Fair will be held:
  • High traffic area for employees to visit?
  • Inside or Outside:
  • If outside, shade/cover/umbrellas available
  • Table(s) & chair(s) for each school:
  • Restrooms available?
  • Drinking fountain available?
  • Cafeteria available?
  • Organization representation day of Ed Fair:
  • Parking easily accessible for school reps? Parking passes req’d?
  • Check-in procedure?
  • Signs/balloons directing attendees and participants to Ed Fair site?
  • Organization rep on-hand with company benefits information?
  • Welcome sheet to school reps with goals of Ed fair and explanation of company’s education benefits?
  • Incentives for employees to attend:
  • Recognize depts. with highest percentage of employees who turn out
  • Obtain testimonials of employees who have gone back to school at colleges invited to Ed Fair
  • Raffle prizes for attendees (school reps may be able to bring a big item for giveaway)
  • Snacks or sweets for attendees (always a popular motivator)
  • Invite upper management to be visible at event to show support of continuing education
  • Combine event with other benefits, Benefits Fair
    (wellness, fitness, dental, vision, retirement/401k, morale. Focus on mind, heart, vision, dental, wallet, and morale)
  • Evaluation of participating schools:
  • Survey desired to critique participants?
  • Listing desired of employees who requested info from schools?
  • Any other items that would help quantify success of Ed Fair?
  • When should Education Consortium contact your organization for next year’s event?

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