The Art Institute of California-San Diego

It’s more than a degree you’re after. Right now, you’re scouring the world for a college experience unlike any other. One that will teach you to harness your creativity and use it to land a fulfilling career. Well good news:  at The Art Institutes system of schools across the United States, we do that every day. There’s a reason you’re interested in The Art Institute of California- San Diego; you’re looking for a school where you’re defined by your ideas. In our classrooms, you’ll study how to turn your creativity into a fulfilling career. Choose the area of study that speaks to the Creative Warrior in you. And the degree you pursue can prepare you to rewrite the rules, push boundaries, and rock the boat in the world that awaits you outside our walls.
  • Visual Design
  • Interior & Product Design
  • Marketing
  • Animation & Effects
  • Film & Production
  • Gaming & Technology
  • Fashion
  • Culinary
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