About the San Diego Education Consortium

The San Diego Education Consortium is a non-profit partnership of regionally accredited colleges and universities in San Diego County working to promote higher education and lifelong learning to the general public and private organizations.

Member institutions may offer individual courses, certificate programs, associate, bachelor, or graduate degree programs.

Vision of the San Diego Education Consortium

The vision for the San Diego Education Consortium is to recruit and sustain relationships with all local colleges, and to promote education throughout the county. Additionally, it is within our goals to be viewed by community groups and organizations within the for-profit and non-profit sectors, as a consortium that supports their companies’ growth through higher education. It is also our vision to address issues as they relate to higher education, by providing resources and support to the San Diego community at large. The San Diego Education Consortium will uplift, shape, and motivate organizations, communities, and individuals through higher education.

Mission of the San Diego Education Consortium

  • To inform students, current or prospective, and their employers about the many educational opportunities available in San Diego.
  • To serve as an unbiased collective resource for educational options.
  • To establish a dialogue between the education community and the business community. This dialogue leads to the development of educational programs that are responsive to the needs of both employers and their employees.
  • To establish a dialogue between the education community and the military based in San Diego. Since deployment or a transfer is always imminent for members of our Armed Forces, an efficient source for researching local schools is essential.
  • To assist organizations in promoting higher education to their members through the development of an On-Site Resource Center or by hosting an Education Fair.
  • To raise awareness and share insight into the educational community with a calendar of events and articles on higher education.
  • To serve as a resource for finding the most appropriate library for studying or conducting research.
  • To assist students with both scholarship and financial aid questions at the state and federal level. Information for veterans and their dependents is also available.