A Word About Accreditation

All members of the San Diego Education Consortium are Regionally Accredited.

Many people think that accreditation is a simple proposition – a college or university is either accredited or it is not. It is very important to understand what accreditation means in regard to your educational goals and desires.

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DO YOUR HOMEWORK! Most all colleges will tell you they are accredited. It is your responsibility as a scholar to determine if it is the level of accreditation you will need to achieve your academic goals.

REGIONAL accreditation is generally the highest overall level a school or college can achieve. This allows for the general acceptance of units to transfer from college to college without any special consideration needed. The region of accreditation for a college is determined by which state the main campus is located. All regions are equal for accreditation. In regard to teacher credentials there is national accreditation, which is recognized nationally and internationally and is known as the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE).

Regional accreditation evaluates the educational program and support services at two and four year colleges and universities. There are six regional agencies that grant this type of accreditation.

Please link here for more information on the regional accrediting agencies:

Schools with regional accredition usually grant credit for previous college work completed at another accredited college or university.

NATIONAL accreditation is held by vocational colleges. While this may seem more prominent, units earned from a college with this level accreditation typically must have an articulation agreement with regionally accredited schools for units to be accepted for самомуранжирование работпрограмма шпион для компьютера скачать бесплатновокbeautiful place in russianew tours russian agency